With over 100 years of combined oil and gas experience, RashChapman’s team of attorneys is well-versed in addressing the unique title issues of the prolific Permian Basin in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico, as well as other oil and gas fields throughout Texas and the other producing states.

Our oil and gas attorneys take a practical approach to complex title projects, so that operators can successfully achieve their development and production goals. We pride ourselves on the trusted relationships we establish with our clients through our shared hard work, commitment, and problem-solving.

At RashChapman, our oil and gas team efficiently and effectively conducts due diligence and renders title examinations for surface, mineral, and leasehold acquisitions. We work closely with executives, landmen, and other attorneys to ensure they have the necessary information to close on multi-million-dollar projects. Our attorneys work hard on these time-sensitive matters, while never compromising the integrity of our work product.

Drilling and division order title opinions are the foundation of RashChapman’s oil and gas practice. We enjoy being on the front-end of oil and gas well drilling programs – advising our clients about their ownership of surface, mineral, and leasehold interests, as well as what title defects must be corrected before drilling can begin. We conduct in-office examination of abstracts and other title materials, always offering our clients the option for “stand-up” opinions, rendered by physical examination of county records. Once technical professionals have completed a well, we follow up our drilling opinions with division order title opinions, in order to address the ownership of oil and gas production. Our work requires knowledge in many areas of law, and at RashChapman, we believe our extensive experience and exceptional resources are essential to the success of your oil and gas ventures.

We’re dedicated to creating relationships with our clients while we roll up our sleeves and get the job done.

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